Over sixty years ago, a relationship between the American Library in Paris and Hope College began. Just a few years later, and for as-yet-unknown reasons, the relationship ended… until 2017 when Dr. Natalie Dykstra and Abigail Altman, Assistant Director of the American Library in Paris, started working together and eventually brought Hope students to work as interns there. How did the relationship begin in 1958? Why did it stop, and who was responsible? How can the relationship, so newly rekindled, keep growing? These are all questions that can be answered in future iterations of Archive Stories.

Here are some possible avenues for research:

At the joint archives of HOLLAND:
  1. Letters between Dr. Paul Fried and Dr. Ian Forbes-Fraser: There are several letters between Fried and Forbes-Fraser contained at the Joint Archives.
  2. Esther M. Snow: Snow was a professor of organ at Hope for many years and chaperoned trips within the Vienna Summer School program. The collection includes correspondence from Europe as well as photographs.
  3. Vienna Summer School: This collection contains records of the Vienna Summer School program from 1956-1966. Programs, photographs, and itineraries are included.
  4. International Education Office: This large collection contains records going back as far as 1954. It covers the time of Dr. Paul Fried and the time of Dr. Neal Sobania, and extensively covers students in the Vienna Summer school program and European tour.
  5. The Anchor: Hope’s newspaper The Anchor mentions Hope’s visits to the American Library in Paris, as well as American Library in Paris Director Dr. Ian Fraser’s visits to Hope, many times in the late 1950s and early 1960s.
AT the american library in paris:
  1. Reception for Hope College students: There is a record of a reception for Hope students within an ALP guest book on June 16, 1959.
  2. Annual Reports of the American Library in Paris: These may contain mentions of visits from student groups.