Springtime in Paris doing hands-on history and cross-cultural research… This is Archive Stories.


In May 2018, Hope College students Sarah Lundy and Michaela Stock, along with Dr. Natalie Dykstra, Professor of English, spent two weeks doing original, archival research at the American Library in Paris (ALP). This was a pilot project in order to develop a relationship between these institutions and enable future undergraduate students studying the humanities, particularly English, French, Art History, and history, to continue research of their own in the library’s archives. The following year, Hannah Jones and Aine O’Connor joined Dr. Dykstra, and the relationship between Hope and the ALP deepened even more. This relationship is ongoing, and hopefully many more students will be able to experience the magic of the library.

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All contemporary photographs taken by Hope College researchers Michaela Stock and Hannah Jones; all historical photographs used by permission of the American Library in Paris, Library of Congress, and Wikimedia Commons.